Arise CD


1. Come Out and Shine Again
2. Thank You Now
3. You Can Go Back
4. Redeemed
5. When My Feet Come Off the Ground
6. Stand By the River
7. All Present and Accounted For
8. When Its His Will
9. Since When
10. From Heaven’s Point of View



Arise CD

  1. Beyond the Clouds
  2. Burdens Are Lifted Away
  3. Oh, Our Lord
  4. Word of God Speak
  5. Outside the Gate
  6. Joyful Medley
  7. What a Way to Go
  8. I Won’t Have to Worry Anymore
  9. I Will Rise
  10. After a While
  11. Forever
  12. Master of the Wind
  13. Children of the Dust
  14. Revelation Song


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